Alex Bernal

Alex Bernal
Alex Bernal is a Chartered Technical Analyst with many years of industry experience in the Equity, Commodity, Currency, Interest Rate and Derivatives markets. He is known for his methodical approach to identifying key cycles, market anomalies, unusual order flow, profitable chart patterns and early trend developments for trading opportunities. Alex has appeared on several media outlets, including Bloomberg. Alex currently operates a private technical research and trading systems consulting company Aether Analytics out of Santa Barbara, California. Aether Analytics specializes in the use of a proprietary blend of sentiment, technical, derivative and fundamental analysis systems to recognize high probability trading catalysts, gearing more specifically to analytical techniques such as Elliot Wave, Gann, Cycle, and Harmonic Structure Analysis. Alex previously worked as a trader for M&N Trading LLC where he traded yield curve futures and was mentored by Veteran Trader Anthony Lazzara, who was once the largest 5-year treasuries floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.

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