Apple Deal With Beats Gets Mixed Reviews; Cool Factor Weighs

When the Apple deal with Beats started to make its way through the headlines, my first thought was “good fit.”  And although it has gotten plenty of mixed reviews in the media, Apple got what it wanted: lots of buzz (both with the media and a younger consumer segment), as well as a product that fits with their high end consumer branded image. At $3.2 billion, the Apple deal with

Twitter Tips For Investors: Maximize Returns, Avoid Pitfalls

Investors have tagged the now publically-traded Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) with a near $40 Billion market capitalization as we enter year-end 2013. Yes, it’s been mentioned by some in the context of a bubble, and many have questioned that market cap in light of current losses and sketchy prospects for profit going forward. BUT, the fact remains that its popularity, usefulness, and importance for investors has only grown. And with this

The Biggest Risk to Apple’s Consumer Products Empire

By Ross Heart A few weeks back I mentioned to See It Market founder Andy Nyquist that I was working on a post detailing the #1 risk to Apple. Well, a quick slide in shares from $700 to $505 brought a rash of hurried “Demise of Apple” articles, and piling on with the consensus isn’t my style. Now that we’ve seen a strong rebound off the lows, I’ll revisit as I

Apple iPhone5 Review: Special Edition of Random Thoughts

By Alex Salomon So it’s official: on Friday morning, bright and early, my wife and I snatched Apple iPhone5 32GB #3 (Black, hers) & #4 (White, mine) smartphones in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We arrived early, camped out in front of the store from about 7AM and got the phones by 9 AM. She was upgrading a 4S, I was upgrading a 4 (& a 3GS that I still was using

Up Close and Personal: The New Age of Advertising

By Alex Salomon As I started writing about the new age and evolution of advertising and delved into the realm of future automated engines that will harvest data in one’s personal online social network to create automated friend/network experience-based advertising (as well as user-definable filters to help narrow and match reviews), I realized I had failed to approach the reason for new advertising. I had covered the “what” – algorithms digging

Social Media Musings and The Information Age

By Andrew Nyquist Welcome to the Information Age, where word travels fast… real fast.  Where we can track news from many media outlets and across many different people watching those outlets on Social Media (i.e. Twitter). And everyone one from the traditional news media to your Twitter “Follow,” Facebook (FB) “Friend,” and LinkedIn (LNKD) “Connection” are ready to share and inform. Take note folks, as this truly is a transformational time.

Facebook and the Future of Targeted Search and Advertising

By Alex Salomon On May 18, we will likely witness Facebook (FB) rocket to a $100B capitalization. Pretty much every one has an opinion on Facebook and its IPO, even non-investors. And all sorts of discussions abound: the actual valuation of Facebook; its fight against Google (GOOG) and other emerging companies (as Apple’s (AAPL) late, great Steve Jobs would have said, “tomorrow’s Facebook is in someone’s garage right now!”); the monetization

Navigating The Information Age and New Era of Social Media

Today’s global economy is as tough to pinpoint as it is to navigate. From QE and stimulus to austerity and sovereign debt to housing bottoms and jobs growth. Some say slow growth some say no growth. And some see giant green beanstocks. Let’s face it, reading and consuming the latest economic numbers and analysis is a difficult task now days. We are coming off a volatile decade and many people

Frugal Finance App Review: FastCustomer

By Kelly Hodges Imagine this not so uncommon scenario.  You receive your cable bill in the mail and there is an extra $10 charge that you do not understand, that you think is an error.  You are now faced with a decision.  Do you let it go (it’s only $10 after all), or do you call the customer service department of your cable company and wait on hold for an excruciatingly

Cut Your Fuel Costs – There’s an App for That

By Kelly Hodges With gasoline prices eking up over the $4 mark, filling up the tank has become an excruciating experience.  And while public transportation, carpooling, and good old-fashion bicycle riding are great cost-efficient (and eco-friendly) alternatives to driving, many of us still heavily rely on our vehicles to get us where we need to go. Sadly there are no sales or coupons to get deals on gas, but there is