Will $14 And Change Mark The Bottom For Silver?

silver barsWow, Silver has had quite a ride since futures opened last night. Interesting thing, though, is that Silver prices came down into our target zone for a bottom.

In late September 2014 I wrote a post pointing to a Silver bottom at 14 dollars, which would mark an end to a lengthy corrective pattern.

The latest steep drop and reversal in Silver prices says we may have reached a bottom. The price action has now set up a very nice 3 drives to a bottom (shown by the orange arrows) that completes right at our target area price near 14.

The question is “if” (the big if) the top in the high 40’s was a wave 3 or a 5? I do not know and believe a case can be made for both. Either way, the $14 level represents the following:

  • IF the high 40’s was a 3 then we just about complete with a classic 3-3-5 correction and this will now be a 4 at 14 and we’ll likely see new highs.
  • IF the high 40’s was a 5 then we just completed a big A (a-b-c) and a rally up into 26 will be wave B with another C wave lower to come.

Either way, I believe a risk controlled long at 14 or so (out with daily close below 12) could target 26 (the long standing support cliff) at a minimum. Risk $2 to make $12?

Have a great week and thanks for reading the post.

Spot Silver Prices – Daily Chart

silver prices bottom elliott wave chart


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