Where Is Facebook Stock A Buy? Some Considerations

As the market continues to operate in correction mode, even large cap favorites like Facebook stock (FB) are pulling back. This isn’t unexpected though.

The last time I blogged about Facebook stock (FB) was November 12. And I was looking for a top.

In that Facebook chart update, I was looking for 108-110 to hold as a near-term top:

With Facebook stock price touching up near $110 yesterday, the sell pattern levels that have been on my radar for a while have been hit.

I expect Facebook stock price to seek the $88 level.  Note though that there isn’t any clearly defined buy pattern as of yet. So stand aside or remain extremely disciplined here. There is still a good chance that Facebook has further to fall, perhaps to the $70 area.

As I mentioned in my last post on Facebook stock, the long-term chart looks bullish. But it’s all about finding good risk-reward entry points… and for me, buy patterns.

From a RISK perspective, this IS a very bullish chart but entering at current levels is too adverse for me. I’ll pass and look for a harmonic, balanced and square root based correction to get long.

Below is an updated chart for Facebook.  I’ll try to provide another update as the pattern becomes clearer.

Facebook Stock Chart – Weekly

facebook stock chart buy levels january 19

There isn’t a clearly defined buy pattern as of yet for Facebook. So, as I mentioned, probably best to stand aside and remain patient.


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