Top Trading Links: Bulls, Bears, And Better Traders

The stock market grinded to new highs while pessimism rose. And that made for a bullish combination. For example, we see plenty of breadth divergences are creating doubt. Frankly, we can all see what we want to see in market breadth at this point. If you missed it, be sure to check out last week’s read from @ukarlewitz on the fruitlessness of market timing using breadth divergences. Maybe they will matter, but they are just one piece of a puzzle filled with several bullish pieces.

With that, lets dig in to this week’s Top Trading Links.


Market Insights

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natural gas trading seasonality chart


Trading Insights



  • @EddyElfenbein shares the story of Jesse Livermore and looks into his psychological make-up. We all have our psychological issues to work through, maybe reading this will help you better understand a behavioral trait that hurts your trading!


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