The Small Cap Out-Performance Gap is Closing

“Small cap stock out-performance brings excellent opportunities as a function of most mature bull markets; and often characterizes the fantastic – if abruptly concluded – end-run of major legs in those markets.”

What the Current Small Cap Outperformance Means, See It Market on 10/01/13

Bloomberg published a thought-provoking piece worth a read on the small cap out-performance this morning: Small-Caps Double Dow in Signal Economy Gaining Speed.

The “Small cap out-performance as a barometer of domestic economic health” thesis presented in the article is established, but interesting and credible and a great reminder of what geographical exposure (concentration/diversification) says about relative leconomic strength – and how it can materially impact a portfolio.

However: this observation is more than a bit late: to wit, the smallest US companies have been outperforming the largest by a staggering margin over the last year.

A fortiori, notice the hilariously under-performing Mega bar over the last year (at bottom).  In broader terms, this is borne out by the outperformance of the Russell 2000 (RUT – Small Cap) to the Dow Industrials (DJIA– Large Cap) +32.2% to +19.9% open-to-peak year-to-date.

Now look at 6 months. 3 months. 1 month.  As covered elsewhere on See It Market, this bottom-up to top-down market cap regime continued into last week, as well.

The general Small Caps > Large Caps theme has persisted all year; but its momentum has also deteriorated all year – a dynamic that has been obscured by just how dramatic the relative out-performance has been up to this point.

Market cap leadership may flip back to bottom up at any time; but the year-long trend has been in the opposing direction – with no sign of slowing down. If the trend gains in intensity, the RUT/SPX ratio – currently at all-time highs may turn over – an event that correlates well with tops – local and cyclical – in the wider market.

By this token, Bloomberg’s thesis is worthwhile; just quite a few months late to-print.

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