Market Cap Relative Strength: Large Caps to Take the Lead?

Since the November 2012 lows, relative strength in market capitalization has been dominated by a bottom-up regime in which the smallest companies have performed best and largest have lagged most.  Courtesy of Finviz, here’s a multi-time frame lookback at market cap leadership over the last year:

market cap leadership

There’s a distinct trend unfolding here. That is, until last week:

market cap relative strength

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It’s too soon to tell if this is an ephemeral change in character or if the large(st) caps are assuming top-down leadership after lagging for so long.  If small caps are indeed taking a back seat, though, it is worthwhile to consider the transition’s potential cyclical implications, apparent here:

Small Caps v. Large Caps (RUT v. SPX) – Monthly Chart: 1998-2013

market cap relative strength

What do you notice are often the ramifications for the market at large (green line above: S&P 500) historically when large caps begin to exhibit relative strength (occurs when above chart trends down)?


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