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GoPro Stock Saga: Is The Steep Decline Almost Over?

Can I just get something out in the open about the Gopro stock decline (GPRO)? The amount of “hate mail” I have received over this...
biotech stocks sector

Biotech Sector (IBB) Signals Downtrend Not Over

The S&P 500 has bounced nearly 8 percent over the last 8 trading days giving many investors hope for better days ahead. Perhaps a...
best of see it market research

The Best Of See It Market: Making A Statement (Sept 2015)

In early September, See It Market celebrated it's 4 year anniversary. I'd like to take a quick moment to give a shout to all...

Twitter (TWTR), Stock Price Patterns, And Why Square Roots Matter

I received a lot of comments from people about my most recent GoPro (GPRO) post. No kidding, people were vehemently angry that the chart pattern and...

Top Trading Links: Playing With Market Kryptonite

The research section in this week’s ‘Top Trading Links’ is one of my favorite lists compiled yet. Investors really need to think hard about...

Are The Financial Markets Turning Into Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride?

Folks, if you're reading this blog it’s assumed you have some interest in the financial markets and, to a certain extent, the art of...
chinese yuan bankers hand

Most Important Chart Of 2015: US Dollar vs Chinese Yuan

I felt pretty strongly about this one back at the beginning of the year. And I still do… here’s what I know from my...
trading stocks

GoPro Stock Oversold, At Tradable Support Level

As many of you are aware, we've been covering GoPro stock (GPRO) pretty closely since its IPO. And in my last GPRO stock update,...
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GoPro Earnings Easily Beat Expectations: Shares Higher (Then Lower)

It's been a wild ride for GoPro (GPRO) investors. And it's expected to get even wilder after GoPro earnings came in above Wall Street...
best of see it market

The Best Of SIM – December: The Return Of Volatility

The month of December saw on-time seasonal moves that dug a bit further both up and down during the month. But you wouldn't know...

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