Japanese Yen Looks Ready To Rally

Japanese Yen Currency Elliott Wave Chart… Is A Rally Nearing? Chart by Trading On the Mark.

Last June, we presented a chart here at See It Market showing the decline we anticipated in the Japanese Yen, by way of a related ETF (NYSEARCA:FXY). We were expecting the Yen (CURRENCY:JPY) to test near an area of prior support as the middle wave of a sideways/upward correction.

Now there are signs that the decline may be finished, and traders might begin looking for ways to take advantage of a modest bounce that could last several months.

Yen – Time To Rally?

Even though we are expecting a rally, the move still would be part of a larger corrective pattern. On the chart below, we have indicated some conservative targets for expected wave [c] of the [a]-[b]-[c] sequence that began in 2015. Fibonacci-related resistance lies near 0.009510 and 0.009660 (corresponding to 105.15 and 103.52 for those watching the inverse currency pair).

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The main determinates of how high wave [c] travels probably will be the timing of the 11-month cycle and the extent to which the U.S. Dollar remains in its own corrective pattern. If the Dollar Index stays near its present value between now and mid-summer, that should lend a positive bias to Yen trades during the same time.

For context, see the monthly line-on-close chart for the Dollar Index, included below. There is room for a modest correction before Dollar bulls try again to push the index higher.

Returning to the Yen, the expected rally probably will consist of five sub-waves. The first of those may already have begun, so traders might watch for opportunity if the Yen retraces to make a higher low.

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