filing taxes, tax returns

Tax Returns: One Valuable Tip That No One Is Talking About

You’ve either just completed your tax returns, or maybe you’re still working on them. Somehow, it seems like we’re always in one of those...
best home improvement projects

Best Home Improvement Projects for Your Money

Often times when thinking about the best home improvement projects that will increase resale value, images of top of the line kitchens, spa-like bathrooms,...

Hukkster: Save Money Shopping Online

How would you like to shop on line for products you love, but not purchase them until they go on sale? What if you...
money in a chest, financial windfall

6 Steps to Take Advantage of a Financial Windfall

Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery, hitting the jackpot, or receiving a huge inheritance from some long-lost uncle? It’s fun to imagine what...
key ring mobile app review

Key Ring Mobile App Review: A Loyalty Card Consolidator

By Kelly Hodges With mobile technology and advertising advancing by the day, it's no wonder that there are apps for just about all the things we...
financial stress

The Best Way to Reduce Financial Stress

By Kelly Hodges There is a common perception that people in high power positions are under a lot of stress. The pressure of leading a Fortune...
setting smart goals

Setting SMART Goals for 2013

By Kelly Hodges I’ve written about goal setting before on SeeItMarket, and I do so again today because I feel so strongly about its importance. The...
calculator and spreadsheet

Moving? Time to Find Your Cost of Living Calculator

By Kelly Hodges It’s not a secret that some areas of the country have a higher cost of living than others. A resident of zip code...
business plan, business goals, successful business, starting a business, marketing plan, business strategy

Entrepreneurship: The Best Business Education Around

By Joshua Schroeder Why do people start businesses? Where does the motivation and drive to overcome never ending obstacles to achieve an ongoing number of milestones...
529 state plans, college tuition, college savings, paying for college, college sign

Is Your State’s 529 College Plan Making the Grade?

By Kelly Hodges Earlier this month Morningstar released the results of its annual review of state 529 college savings plans.  The review classified plans into one...

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