Hukkster: Save Money Shopping Online

How would you like to shop on line for products you love, but not purchase them until they go on sale? What if you were notified when those products went on sale, so you didn’t have to spend your time searching for sales on those products? Online shoppers can now do just that, with the browser add-on from Hukkster.

The process is simple, create an account with Hukkster and add the “hukk it” button to your favorites toolbar. Then, when you come across a product you may want to purchase online press the “hukk it” button on the toolbar. You will then be notified whenever the item is on sale, either through e-mail or text message. Specify to be notified only when items are more than 25% or 50% off as well. Hukkster allows you to organize your “hukks” into lists, so you can individualize lists for different people or even different occasions (Christmas, birthdays, etc.). For use on the go there is also an iOS app, and an Android app is currently in development.

Hukkster is a must-have for anyone looking to save money shopping online. Shop, sit-back, and save money by buying when it goes on sale. What could be easier than that?

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