Key Ring Mobile App Review: A Loyalty Card Consolidator

key ring mobile app reviewBy Kelly Hodges
With mobile technology and advertising advancing by the day, it’s no wonder that there are apps for just about all the things we purchase and want to do. That said, in the short blog, I’d like to take a few minutes to focus on loyalty cards and review the Key Ring mobile app.

Key Ring Mobile App Review

Store loyalty cards are a great way to obtain extra savings at your favorite stores. It’s quite simple: Just sign up for that little plastic card for your wallet or key ring, and get discounts when you shop. But there’s one problem. With loyalty cards from the grocery store, drug store, pet shop, book store, 10 restaurants, and the hardware store, it doesn’t take long to develop a “Costanza wallet” and a key chain so bulky that it makes driving difficult!  Another problem is that if you have loyalty cards for stores you rarely visit, you probably don’t keep them on you all the time. And this offers up missed opportunities to save when you’re caught in the checkout line without your loyalty card.

The Key Ring mobile app makes these problems a thing of the past.  I recently downloaded this free app onto my smart phone, and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.  Simply scan the barcode of your store loyalty card with the app’s scanner, assign a reward’s program to the barcode, and you’re done! With over 1000 loyalty programs participating, odds are you’ll be able to find your favorite retailer. You can even store library cards or gym memberships with the app, anything with a barcode. If that’s not great enough, you can even join loyalty programs directly from the app so you’ll be able to save next time you shop. To use the app in the stores, simply select the retailer from the menu and have the cashier scan the code. That’s it, no fumbling around in your wallet trying to find the card or missing out on a discount because you left your card at home.

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For anyone with loyalty cards in their wallet, the Key Ring mobile app is a must have for your app arsenal. Anything that makes saving money easier is a winner in my book.

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