Strategies & Setups

Intraday Trading & Setups: How To Place Trades

In part 1 we talked about market structure and how to make sense of the market moves. In part 2 we will explore where to place trades. The...
trading tools fibonacci retracements image

3 Simple Tools For Trading The Futures Markets

When developing your own trading strategy the adage KISS – "keep it simple, stupid" is an important one to remember. This carries over to...
investor market risks

Don’t Ever Risk More Than You Are Willing To Lose

This is not click bait to have you read yet another bearish article on the stock market. I am currently bearish, by the way,...
us equity market winning stocks vs losing stocks chart_year 2018

Successful Investing Means Avoiding Mistakes

If you believe most marketing material, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that great ideas are the primary driver of investment...

Understanding Market Structure For Better Trading Results

We can all agree that the markets are in constant ebb and flow, never moving in a straight line, always undulating. So how then,...
yield curve widening steep positive equities stocks bullish_february 26

How To Use The Yield Curve As An Equities Risk On/Off Indicator

The drop in equity markets and subsequent V-shaped rebound has left many traders wondering: "Is it safe to increase long equity exposure?" With pundits on...
trading covered call options

How To Trade A Poor Man’s Covered Call

Most traders worth their salt have used, or at least heard of covered calls. Covered calls are really easy to implement and are a proven...
options trading

Using Cash Secured Puts To Pick Up Stocks For Less

Getting paid while you wait, I like the sound of that. A cash secured put is a conservative options strategy that can be used to...
commitment of traders report study with filter chart

How To Improve Market Returns Using Alternative Data

Many people post fancy charts and data points but often times I wonder if they have actual use. Recently, there is also a great infatuation...
percent loss necessary to lose investor gains_stock market correction

How Stock Corrections And Bear Markets Decimate Investor Gains

“Nobody ever lost money taking a profit” ~ Bernard Baruch When is a 10 percent stock market correction not a 10 percent correction? How about...

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