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Monte Carlo Simulation 1

3 (of many) Uses for Monte Carlo Simulations in Trading

What is the likelihood the past repeats itself? I don’t have to tell you that those odds are pretty low. Monte Carlo simulations allow...
stock investing winners better than losers chart_keep winning

5 Behavioral Biases That Infect An Investor’s P&L

While the word certainly carries a negative connotation, it is essentially a preconceived opinion or feeling. Sometimes these opinions are based on accurate, objective...
traders analyzing trading screen

What It Takes To Become A Great Trader

Have you ever noticed that becoming great at anything takes a big commitment of time and focused energy? You can observe a lot of similarities...
stock price trend important after big move

When Markets Overreact: How To Trade Major News and Earnings

Anecdotally, most market practitioners and investors likely believe that the market often overreacts to news. This happens often around earnings announcements, when a company surprises...
investor with house made of money

Using Stock Options To Gain Exposure to Real Estate

Not everyone had enough cash or borrowing capacity to buy an investment property. Those that do have issues with collecting rent, broken toilets, damaged properties...

Investing Insights: Mental Accounting & Mind Games

There was a time when a cattle rancher in need of new shoes had to find a shoemaker who wanted a cow. This was...

Intraday Trading & Setups: How To Place Trades

In part 1 we talked about market structure and how to make sense of the market moves. In part 2 we will explore where to place trades. The...
trading tools fibonacci retracements image

3 Simple Tools For Trading The Futures Markets

When developing your own trading strategy the adage KISS – "keep it simple, stupid" is an important one to remember. This carries over to...
investor market risks

Don’t Ever Risk More Than You Are Willing To Lose

This is not click bait to have you read yet another bearish article on the stock market. I am currently bearish, by the way,...
us equity market winning stocks vs losing stocks chart_year 2018

Successful Investing Means Avoiding Mistakes

If you believe most marketing material, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that great ideas are the primary driver of investment...

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