Investor Psychology

Book Review: Steve Burns “The Most Helpful Traders On Twitter”

I've followed Steve Burns for the past few years and feel fortunate to include some of his work here on See It Market. Steve's...
trading strategies

10 Trades A Trader Should Make To Become Successful

Throughout the year, we may place several trades. But before we can find trading success, we must make a few other trades first. Below are...
sp 500 chart stock market chop_wide trading range 1 year

3 Reasons Why Choppy Markets Are Troublesome For Traders

Navigating The "CHOP CHOP" Stock Market The CHOP CHOP market is so named because it has a tendency to “chop up” both the trader’s mental...
trader losing money in market

Market Masters: Trading And The Power Of Embracing Pain

I am very often asked where the hallmark of my trading career reversal was defined. Truth be told, the pivot point was the real...
investor complexity

Why Successful Traders Choose Simplicity Over Complexity

The investment industry is filled with complex terminology and busy charts. The name of the Wall Street game is to sell complexity. Often, new...
clueless investor

The Insidious Nature Of Investing Hindsight

Many of my conversations with clients touch upon how they react to missing significant investment opportunities or selling profitable investments too soon. Most of you...
stock trading myths

Short Interest: Dispelling Another Market Myth

A lot of talk has surfaced lately about the record level of short interest in the market... And with it comes a lot of...
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Why You Shouldn’t Let Market Bottoms Consume You

Calling for a market bottom is the new rage. But, truth be told, what feels cool is often a very dangerous thing to do...
investor certainty

Investors: Beware The Certainty Trap

Data availability is something of a double-edged sword in today’s financial markets. On the one hand, we now have a nearly unlimited supply of...
trading strategies light bulb

The Art Of Trading And The Illusion Of Control

I’ve written and said many times before that simplicity is a good thing—if you have a trading methodology that is overly complex, there’s a...

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