10 Trades A Trader Should Make To Become Successful

Steve Burns

Throughout the year, we may place several trades. But before we can find trading success, we must make a few other trades first.

Below are ten great trades a trader should make concerning psychology, risk management, and methodology. In short, we must turn bad behaviors into good behaviors to turn a profit.


10 Trades To Make In Finding Trading Success


1.   Trade big losses for small losses through positions sizing and stop losses.


2.   Trade small wins for big wins through trailing stops and letting winners run.


3.   Trade predictions for price action, chart reading, and trend following.


4.   Trade the right position size for your account.


5.   Ask for advice and tips to develop a profitable trading method.


trading strategies6.   Trade in opinions for proven trading principles.


7.   Trade guessing for backtesting.


8.   Trade arrogance for humbleness.


9.   Trade stubbornness for flexibility.


10.   Trade ignorance for the knowledge.


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