Checking In with Gold: No News Is Good News?

By Andrew Kassen Remember that selling cascade the metals complex tumbled down a couple weeks ago?  Though Copper and Silver also suffered a disastrous...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Technical Update

By Andrew Nyquist     As the market remains elevated into the end of April, I thought it would be good to take a quick look...
stock chart analysis

AMZN Technical Support Update: Lines in the Sand After Earnings

By Andrew Nyquist     After peaking in January, Amazon (AMZN) has spent the better part of the past few months rangebound ($250 - $275). But...
stock market going up

Russell 2000: Edging Up But Not Out of the Woods

By Andrew Kassen What a difference a week makes - again!  Sliding aggressively from its 1593 all-time high on 04/11/13 to a 1530.75 low...
apple inc world globe

AAPL Support and Resistance Levels Into Apple’s 2Q Earnings Report

By Andrew Nyquist     Momentarily, we will all be enlightened with insight into Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) business as they report their 2Q Earnings after the...
nasdaq bull and bear, nasdaq 100 divergence

Russell 2000: Breaking Out Back to the Highs?

By Andrew Kassen Yesterday afternoon I posted a quick hit examining the 3-month consolidation on Russell 2000 that is - just maybe - a...
stock chart analysis

S&P 500 Technical Support Update: All Eyes!

By Andrew Nyquist     Earlier this afternoon the S&P 500 dipped below 1540 before quickly recovering and recapturing this important S&P 500 technical support level. Was...
aapl technical analysis - 2013

Russell 2000: Taking It From the Top

By Andrew Kassen Among the major broad US stock indices, the small cap benchmark Russell 2000 has led the way through much of the...
financial advisor, stressed out

USDJPY: Plotting The Trade of Maximum Frustration

By Andrew Kassen One of the more insightful adages of homespun trader wisdom goes something like this: Markets will generally pursue that course...
Apple Falling

Apple Falling Beneath $420 Support

By Andrew Kassen On Monday we considered whether the already beaten-down Apple could bounce or had still further to fall (check out that...

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