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equal weight nasdaq 100 index trading breakout chart may 19

Are Tech Stocks About To Receive Another Bullish Buy Signal?

Since stocks bottomed last October, the rally has been lead by the technology sector. And tech indices like the Nasdaq 100 and Nasdaq Composite...
s&p 500 index technical price resistance 4200 important month may chart

The Stock Market Faces Technical Headwinds Into June

The S&P 500 Index reached important price resistance near 4200 and has turned down. Could this be an indication that "sell in May" is...
dow jones industrial average futures trading elliott wave analysis image year 2023

Elliott Wave Analysis: US Dollar Strength May Impact Stocks

Based on a thorough analysis of the charts, a notable decline can be observed in xxx/USD pairs during the previous week. This coincides...
kre regional banks etf trading price support important year 2023 image

Regional Bank Stocks ETF (KRE) Reaches Critical Price Support!

Supposedly … who knows what is true these days .. 1000’s of banks are underwater. OK … whatever. Here’s when we look at the CHART...
bank stocks correlation to high yield spreads investing analysis image

Have Bank Stocks Bottomed? High Yields Spreads Say No!

The stock market is stuck in neutral, with several sectors failing to keep up. Call it a lack of leadership. One key sector that has...
crude oil prices decline lower analysis image russian war offensives

Commodity Price Patterns Signaled Caution Despite Russian Invasion!

Market prices absorb all the information that's out there. Perhaps that's why several commodity prices surged in the months leading up to the Russian...
s&p 500 index trading price range year 2023 chart

U.S. Stock Market Indices Trading Sideways Like Groundhog Day!

Our scoring of all the stocks in the S&P 1500 continues to find the majority of the constituents 71% with a weak model score. And,...
semiconductors stocks bullish buy signal chart image

Stock Market Outlook: Gold Drops & Semiconductors Pop

Today I’ve got a handful of bullish stock charts for your watchlist next week.  The importance of these stock charts begins with the table shown...
dow jones industrial average large bullish base cup pattern forming investing chart

Dow Jones Industrial Average Building Bullish Base

One investing indicator/tool that gets overlooked is the bullish base. And as the old say goes, "the bigger the base, the higher in space." ...
crude oil price decline lower sharply crash chart may 4

Another Market Collapsing

The real reaction to Wednesday’s Federal Reserve meeting is likely to happen Thursday. All eyes and ears were on Chairman Jerome Powell today. Most notable...

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