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Not So Far East: Investing Opportunities in Southeast Asia ETFs

By Jeff Wilson For the finale of this 3 part series, we will look at traditional and non-traditional economic indicators that support the thesis that economic development is happening and furthermore, that money is flowing into the equity markets of Southeast Asia. We will also transition our economic analysis to that of the region’s equity prospects by analyzing pricing charts of individual country ETFs. For more on the Southeast Asian economy,

Not So Far East: Consumer Driven Economy to Lift Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson Thank you for returning to Part 2 of our 3 part series on Southeast Asia. We spent most of Part 1 (“A Macro Economic Look at Southeast Asia”} building a high level, macro case for considering the region as a developing power play. In Part 2, I am going to dig deeper into certain economic, political and social factors that paint a picture of a region on the

Not So Far East: A Macro Economic Look at Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson After a terrific article by Alex Salomon on the deep-seeded cultural and economic issues facing France, I would like to take you to a sub region just a 10-hour flight away from the heart of Europe: Southeast Asia. Over the next two weeks I’ll be sharing a 3 blog series on the region, guiding you through an area of the world that I am quite familiar with. In