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Jeff Wilson is a full time trader and entrepreneur. Having lived in the US, the Philippines, Haiti and having traveled to 19 countries and territories, Jeff takes pride in understanding localized events that have the potential to shape future events across the globe. Jeff enjoys traveling with his wife and experiencing the many various aspects of culture and gastronomy around the globe. Jeff is academically trained in the Jesuit educational system, earning his MA in International Economics and Development from Fordham University in NY and his BA in International Economics European Studies from Loyola Schools, Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines. He considers Macroeconomics and market research analysis to be his strongest traits related to the financial markets. Jeff tends to trade anything and everything from equity markets to forex to commodity futures and its options. He alters trading strategies depending upon the market environment, from tactical to long term investing. Although self taught in trading the market, Jeff credits Josh Belanger and Phil Davis for being great resources on trading options, Christian Gross for all the valuable macro discussions, and Robert Petty, James Stanford, and Frank Perry who have made me a much better short term trader. Jeff lives in NJ with his wife.
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Unwired: 3 Reasons NOT to Trade While Traveling

I recently returned from a two week trip to Southeastern Asia. It was the first trip I took where I was completely unwired from all of my trading and execution platforms for at least 7 trading days.  And after this experience I have decided that I will never want  it any other way when traveling. It used to be that whenever I took time off, I would find myself (much

Alternative Investments: Peer To Peer Lending

Want to run your own credit card company or loan department without really doing so? Too often as traders and investors, we neglect to consider alternative sources of return on capital. Enter peer to peer lending. As many of us know, there are other markets that can produce similar yields and sometimes with less risk. And as I speak with other market participants about alternative investments, the constant question of yield

Basket Trading For Individual Investors

In this age of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), the idea of basket trading seems to be a foreign concept. After all, ETFs afford the trader or investor exposure to a sector, region or theme without having to own individual components of a specific ETF. First off, what is basket trading?  Investopedia defines basket trading as: An order to buy or sell a group of securities simultaneously. Basket trading is essential

Investing Idea: Money Remittance Stocks

Back in December 2012, I briefly touched on money remittance flows specifically to Asia.  In this post, I would like to touch on playing this theme with a few stocks in the space. I think that money remittance, especially electronic via mobile devices), will continue to increase in the future based on forecasts by the World Bank as well as the current downtrend in remittance cost. [From the WorldBank]:  The global weighted average remittance

Emerging Markets Performance Checkup: BRIC vs Ex-BRIC

When the terms “growth” or “growing economies” are mentioned, most active investors immediately think of emerging markets, such as the BRIC nations: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The renowned Jim O’Neill (ret. Goldman Sachs) coined the acronym in 2001 and described those countries as in the stage of advanced economic development. However, before I go deep into economics and turn this into a novel about future growth in emerging markets,

Why Trading Time Frames Matter

By Jeff Wilson     Over the past couple months, the markets stalled out and spent a good deal of time within a tradeable range. During this time of indecision, I was able to speak with many traders about their stock market strategy and overall position management. Some of the more common themes that emanated from these conversations were fundamental analysis (FA) versus Technical Analysis (chart levels), and the difficulty in sticking

Buying Put Options for Investment Protection

By Jeff Wilson     After writing some lengthy multi part articles, I’ve decided to make this next post to be a lot shorter. Nevertheless, I will try to make it relevant to the current financial market environment we find ourselves in and take a look at how and why investors buy put options for protection. If you own a car, you most likely pay for insurance coverage. If you are a

AAPL Options Analysis and Review: A Post-Mortem

By Jeff Wilson If you had the chance to read my pre earnings article summing up Apple (AAPL) options trading ideas (from both sides), here is a follow up AAPL options analysis and review. In this piece, I’ll show how each trade is looking as of the 1/24/12 closing price: $450.50. Now, it’s obvious that those playing for the upside will be in losing positions, so trade management will be key.

Multiple AAPL Options Trading Ideas For Varying Viewpoints

By Jeff Wilson If you’re reading this, chances are this is the Nth article on AAPL options trading ideas and/or earnings that you’ve read. And if you’re one of the few who haven’t, below are a few more articles on See It Market regarding Apple earnings and AAPL options trading ideas and stock valuations. But before I proceed, I want to make something clear. I’m no mobile device channel check expert

Not So Far East: Investing Opportunities in Southeast Asia ETFs

By Jeff Wilson For the finale of this 3 part series, we will look at traditional and non-traditional economic indicators that support the thesis that economic development is happening and furthermore, that money is flowing into the equity markets of Southeast Asia. We will also transition our economic analysis to that of the region’s equity prospects by analyzing pricing charts of individual country ETFs. For more on the Southeast Asian economy,