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Alex Bernal is a Chartered Technical Analyst with many years of industry experience in the Equity, Commodity, Currency, Interest Rate and Derivatives markets. He is known for his methodical approach to identifying key cycles, market anomalies, unusual order flow, profitable chart patterns and early trend developments for trading opportunities. Alex has appeared on several media outlets, including Bloomberg.Alex currently operates a private technical research and trading systems consulting company Aether Analytics out of Santa Barbara, California. Aether Analytics specializes in the use of a proprietary blend of sentiment, technical, derivative and fundamental analysis systems to recognize high probability trading catalysts, gearing more specifically to analytical techniques such as Elliot Wave, Gann, Cycle, and Harmonic Structure Analysis. Alex previously worked as a trader for M&N Trading LLC where he traded yield curve futures and was mentored by Veteran Trader Anthony Lazzara, who was once the largest 5-year treasuries floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade.
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5 Charts That Show Why I’m Starting To Like Gold

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for Gold prices (and investors). As most are aware by now, the yellow metal has been out of favor for some time. And more recently, Gold’s slide has turned into a mini-panic. But after diving down into the 1070’s on Friday morning, Gold staged a rally back towards 1100 by the end of the day The recent action has several of my indicators at

A Closer Look At The Stock Market And Energy Cycles

As many of you are aware, I do a large amount of proprietary research into the subject of cycles and I work very closely with Lars Von Thienen on many research and trading projects. We have a very interesting project that we have been working on recently that I’d like to share with you. This project involves looking at the Geomagnetic Energy Cycles of the Sun and examining how they relate

Commodities In Focus: COT Report Analysis and Seasonality Trends

With the summer fast coming to a close I thought it would be a good idea to review some COT Report data and seasonality analysis to see where select commodity markets may be headed into year end. Note that the COT Report stands for the Commitment Of Traders Report. Last year, I wrote a post about using COT report data for trading and making macro forecasts. You may want to check that

Are Wheat Futures Putting In A Bullish Reversal?

Back in May, I wrote a post about a high ranking short opportunity in Wheat Futures (ZW). And now that the downside has run its course, I would like to revisit the chart and point out an interesting harmonic pattern that is emerging again in Wheat. Two things stand out to me in the chart below: 1) Wheat Futures confirmed a Bullish Shark Pattern. 2) A reverse head and shoulders pattern is

EURAUD: A Case for the Copsey Modified Elliott Wave

As you all may know from previous posts about how I analyze and use harmonic patterns, I often look for patterns in the larger context of the overall trend. And further, when they appear in clear Ellott Wave fractals, I place a higher percentage on the possibility of a reversal.The Forex Chart Spotlight today is the EURAUD. As I was monitoring the EURAUD daily time frame, I also noticed that there

Bradley Timing Model Indicates July 2014 Turning Point

The Bradley siderograph was developed in the 1940s by Donald Bradley to forecast the stock markets using the movement of the planets. Bradley believed that the natural forces of the planetary cycles were the causation that affected the tides of men and there emotions. Bradley assigned over 190 numerical values to specific planetary constellations for every day, and the made a composite summation that became the siderograph, or Bradley timing

VIDEO: Introduction To Non-Linear Indicators and Cycles

As many of you are aware, cycles and cycle analysis are a big part of my work and focus. But when they are paired with market indicators, the output and analysis tends to be better and stronger. This methodology has led my business partner Lars von Thienen and myself to expand our research into a new frontier of technical analysis: non-linear indicators. We have raised funds to focus on crafting an automated

The Anatomy Of A Bearish Bat Pattern: The Nasdaq Composite

As the market reverses course today, I thought it would be important to post a harmonic pattern on the NASDAQ Composite that I’ve been following: the bearish bat pattern. The reason this pattern stands out is its high degree of symmetry in price and in time. Looking at the chart below, we can see that the Bat reversal Zone had a 95.7% accuracy in terms of the 5 points in the pattern.

Wheat Futures Lower On Harmonic Pattern Sell Signal

When doing technical research, we all have some version of a “holy grail” trading setup in our minds. For me, that setup came together last week with Wheat futures. Below is a chart highlighting the harmonic price pattern in Wheat futures. This setup produced a short-term top last week that is seeing follow through declines this week. The specs of this pattern are as follows: Very Clear and Symetrical 5

Technical Background and Insights Into Harmonic Patterning

There are some very talented analysts here at See It Market, and some that utilize harmonic patterning.  With this in mind, I wanted to let you all know that Aether Analytics decided to launch a newsletter that covers a very specific type of harmonic pattern trading. Since it is such a “niche” area that we focus on, some of my new clients have asked that I share a user manual