Yahoo Stock Rallies Off Key Support: Next Move Important

On a day to day basis I truly have NO IDEA what the fundamentals are doing. That’s because my specialty is advanced charting patterns. In short, I focus solely on the price action. One stock that I have been tracking closely (and has continued to follow price expectations) is Yahoo (YHOO).

If you’ve been following my writing, then you know I’ve been covering Yahoo stock as a technical pure play.

The technical price harmonics have been amazingly accurate thus far for YHOO, giving out important support and resistance levels for the only thing that matters – PRICE and TIME.

To follow along with the series on Yahoo stock, I recommend catching up here:

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Below is an update from both a Monthly and Hourly chart perspective. Note that the upside target zone held as resistance and YHOO sold off from there. It then fell almost exactly to the polarity support that I highlighted as a target zone.

Even with the pullback, Yahoo stock price has been consolidating broadly for close to 3 months… and in this case, I would be inclined to go with the flow as a breakout higher or a breakdown lower should see some follow through momentum. To that extent, the coming days should provide some clarity.

Yahoo (YHOO) – Monthly Chart

yahoo stock chart long term resistance level march 2015


Yahoo (YHOO) – Hourly Chart

yahoo stock yhoo consolidation trading range march 27 2015


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