Is Yahoo Stock (YHOO) Nearing A Sell Pattern Top?

Back in September 2014, as the Alibaba show was lighting up the IPO world, I posted that this PATTERN was near completion for Yahoo (YHOO) stock.

In the world of pure play “advanced” pattern recognition, the fact that Yahoo made a bunch of money on the Alibaba (BABA) IPO has nothing to do with a PATTERN completing. So, the market took a little time to digest the IPO and YHOO is just now approaching its long standing PATTERN in/around the $48 to $50 per share price level. This PATTERN still stands.

As with any pattern, I have no idea if this PATTERN will work or not. And really, I do not care on an emotional level (that’s why I like patterns). It’s simply a risk-defined SELL PATTERN on YHOO. This analysis will be proven WRONG with a daily close above 55.

After giving a seminar on the PATTERNs I was once asked “how often are you right?”

I paused and answered, “100% of the time.”

“100% of the time I know where I am WRONG….”  Have a great week!

Here are the updated Yahoo stock sell pattern charts:


yahoo stock sell price targets



yahoo stock sell chart pattern 3 drives top


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