Top Trading Links: Trends And Themes Heading Into Q3

investor looking through time clockQ2 is just about in the books. This last week might be the most notable of the whole year in terms of blogger sentiment. One short squeeze post-Fed meeting has essentially wired the jaws of the bears. There’s a sense of calm in the air that we haven’t seen yet this whole quarter. And this is happening while China’s Shanghai Composite has dropped nearly 20% in less than two weeks. All this suggests we now have an important psychological reference point.

The market puzzle is a good one these days. It’s a mixed signal environment. Opinions on a micro level have changed quickly all quarter while the market trades in this tight range.

Will this psychological trend continue in Q3? That’ll be key for the bulls. Here are some of the best reads of the week… in this week’s Top Trading Links.  



Must Read of the week: Trend follower @jboorman reviews his trade process in market leader Ambarella.

You can’t control the environment… the key is to recognize how it’s changing, accept it, and respond as wisely as possible

Apple is testing key support via @kimblecharting

aapl stock chart technical support levels june 26 2015

after shares have reached a key target level notes @bartscharts

@JLyonsFundMgmt on Industrial Metals:

“What is happening is that the Industrial Metals Index is breaking down below the key 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement of the 2009-2011 rally. Further breakdown in prices could, again, be a sign of global economic weakness.”

Note the action in Materials:

$XLB/$SPY – Material stocks about to end consolidation period and move lower against S&P?

— Sean Dillon (@SPDtech) Jun. 25 at 08:53 AM

@AndrewThrasher notes the potential peak in Industrial Production.

@harmongreg shares a better way to view overbought conditions.

Experiences lead me to question the orthodoxy in the world of technology that says if you are not investing heavily in growth (and losing money), then you are not maximizing the potential value of your business over the long haul.

Preferred Stock ETFs are trading well given the action in the bond market. @fabiancapital with details.

It’s a short term world. @pragcap with some stats.

google search results stats 2015 chart

Know what you own: Networking ETFs  



Allstate wants to track your physiological data.

@semil discusses the freelance labor force.

Theme in Progress ($$): The SEC is developing rules to make activist campaigns easier.

Under-appreciated Secular Theme:

“Eventually, there will be “fund outflows of historic proportions, driven by China’s needs to deploy and diversify its national wealth to the global markets”

How autonomous driving could change the world.

Solar Energy forecasts out to 2040.

The intersection of Disney’s new playmation toy line and virtual reality.

More proof we’re just scratching the surface of healthcare tech.

Scientists in North Carolina have developed a ‘smart, painless’ insulin delivery patch.

A good read for the Twitterati: Silence is a way to build strength and self-sufficiency.



Laugh of the week: Peter Schiff does stand up:


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