Apple Stock Update (AAPL): Log Trend Line Looms Large

Back in February, I posted that a major wave was nearing completion on Apple stock (AAPL). This was all about price action (wave patterns) and mathematics (Fibonacci relationships). It likely wasn’t very popular at the time – after all, Apple (AAPL) is an incredible company and the shares were on a tear at the time. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) have been very strong of late. And Apple is undoubtedly a great company. But I have to ask one simple question:  Am I the only one that can see the current wave pattern for Apple’s stock? The latest major wave higher may be coming to an end and I would like to discuss some potential AAPL price targets.

The target price zone has been hit and Apple (AAPL) has spent a lot of time consolidating in a sideways move within 10 to 12 dollar of its highs. Using a long-term (12 year) log trend line we can see that critical trend support is just below current levels. This needs to be held for a continuation of this bull trend.

A monthly close below its log trend line – roughly the 122-123 level – would likely spell trouble for the Apple stock bulls. Note that 122 also aligns with the March pullback lows.

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If AAPL heads higher (and it can) there are still targets in the 135-140 range. Check out my prior post for more on my math and wave counts. Either way, I think it’s time to be cautious with Apple stock (AAPL).

Apple (AAPL) Monthly Chart

apple stock chart aapl log scale trend line 2003-2015

As always, thanks for reading. And rock on, okay?


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