Top Trading Links: Assessing The Damages

Global financial markets took it on the chin this week. Not much was spared, as the S&P 500 fell 3.6% and the commodity space was hit hard.

In all reality, the stock market pullback isn’t too surprising, but the continued beat down of commodities paired against a potential Fed rate hike is concerning.

In this week’s “Top Trading Links” we discuss this and more. Let’s become better traders in 3, 2, 1…


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@AndrewThrasher notes volatility has been quite subdued. It appears we’ve just entered a phase of increased volatility.

@michaellebowitcz highlights how U.S. Dollar appreciation is the equivalent to global monetary tightening.


Why long term treasury rates are headed lower. via @allstarcharts

tlt long term treasuries technical support chart november 13

“The 10 month cycle in copper price bottoms says that a bottom is due imminently” – via


With the recent dollar strength, maybe it’s time for Small Caps to start out-performing again. @BtrBetaTrading notes that up November and December have been very strong months during the recent bull market.

It’s that time of the year where funds start selling their losers. @mebfaber wonders if it’s finally time to start looking long the biggest loser group of them all; coal.


@Bartscharts notes Facebook has approached its near term price target

facebook stock fb price targets chart november


“There is no question that the pace of Boomer retirement will accelerate in the years ahead” – via @AdvPerspectives


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