Thanksgiving Day Massacre: Crude Oil Plummets

crude oilThose expecting an uneventful Thursday as the US celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday have been greeted by just that as S&P 500 equity futures (ES) listlessly trudge sideways.

Elsewhere – in an asset class that’s highly uncorrelated, currently – conditions couldn’t be more different.  WTI Crude Oil (CL – Quote) dropped as much as -8.06% session-over-session early today, and is currently down -6.28% to just above $69/bbl, representing the largest single day decline (on a closing basis) since 05/03/2011’s 8.26% fracking.

Year-to-date and since June’s peak at $107.68, Crude is firmly in bear market territory at -31.16% and -37.08%, respectively:

Crude 3

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On a 1-year lookback across the current market cycle, Crude has entirely decoupled from US equities:


In fact, with today’s push, CL makes a firm move into the 2nd place for selloffs since 2008’s all-time high at $147.27/bbl.

RoC Crue

2008 notwithstanding, this is the largest drop since 2001’s -53% decline, and 1997-1998’s -61% drop before that.  As an aside, US equities (S&P 500 – Quote) moved down in lockstep or eventually succumbed during both both environments.


Today’s move is a continuation of October’s breakdown near $90/bbl of Crude’s 3.5-year Ascending Triangle (below), which consolidated both 2008’s crash and 2009-2010’s sharp rebound. The drop today also snaps the 50% fibonacci retracement (at $74.02) of the entire recovery off the late 2008 lows. The next fibonacci retracement level is still roughly 8% lower, at $64.38.  The Ascending Triangle pattern’s measured move objective is much lower, in the $40s.

Crude 1

There is some good news from a technical perspective for both oil bulls (::crickets::) and traders looking to enter or add long on CL but are wary (as they should be) of catching a falling knife. Today’s shellacking hit major horizontal support deriving from 2009/2010’s wide congestion band around $66-$72, and tagged the potential reversal zone of a 1.5-year Bullish Butterfly harmonic pattern, of which 2014’s drop has made up the final leg:
Crude 2

Crude’s volatility and selling pressure doesn’t have to abate here, but this is the strongest locus of demand since $90/bbl and best opportunity longs have to hammer out a base from which Crude might pivot higher.

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