S&P 500 Records 3rd Most Overbought Reading In 10 Years

Since double bottoming 14 months ago, S&P 500 (INDEXSP:.INX) has been on a persistent path higher.

This rally has the pushed the large cap index into overbought territory on multiple time frames.

Today we’ll focus on a longer-term “monthly” chart of S&P 500 Futures to highlight how overbought this move is. Eye the futures chart above as you read through the following bullet points about the indicator:

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  • Moving average = 19-period (HLC/3)
  • Bollinger Bands = 2.326 standard deviations (98% of observations fall within if normal distribution)
  • Overbought = ((upper band value – close)/upper band value)*100, to get in percentage terms.  Then ranked the observations.
  • Only 3 observations where close>upper band.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a sell-off is forthcoming, as “overbought” can be remedied through time and/or price and the moving average has positive slope itself.  However, the first two occurrences saw meaningful reversals.

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