Minyan Magic: Scenes from Festivus 2012

giving back, charity event celebrationBy Andrew Nyquist
This year was finally my time! You see, for the past three years, I have longed to make the trek to New York City for Todd Harrison and Minyanville Media’s big “Festivus” party. But 3 kids in 3 years seemed to complicate things… but, not this year! Last Thursday, my wife and I wished our now 2-year-old happy birthday, kissed our kids goodbye, and headed to New York for some “hugs and handshakes,” as Todd says. And let me tell you, 3 years of anticipation and hype was met and exceeded… and then some.

But before I share some pictures, let me take a minute to add some color on why this was an important event for me to attend this year (and now each year going forward). Since I was a young, up and coming investor in the early 2000’s, I’ve been following and reading Todd. And for those that know and read Minyanville, you know that he is so much more than an investor. I have always viewed Todd as a mentor (whether he likes it or not!).

From early on, I identified with his passion for life, community, and friendship. And his tact and character taught me A LOT about media, and how to act with care and class. Trust me, as a nobody from nowhere, I needed someone to passively cultivate my passion and love for the markets and educating… and to give me an opportunity. I am proud to say that I am an active contributor to Minyanville and will always support and be a part of the Minyanville community.

So, thank you Todd. You transcended the art of investing and educating for me, and made my journey a lot easier.

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Below are some pictures from Festivus 2012. Bear with the quality, as most were taken on my smartphone. The party gathers some of the best financial minds from Wall Street and Main Street in an effort to raise funds for the Ruby Peck Foundation, a foundation created and energized by Todd’s belief in educating children and named after his loving relationship with his grandfather Ruby. As Todd says, “It’s for the kids!”

For more on the inspiration of Festivus, Todd Harrison, and financial great Doug Kass, be sure to read “So Inspired” by The Reformed Broker, Josh Brown.

Please join me next year at Festivus!

See It Market's Andrew Nyquist and Options Expert Adam Warner

with Options Expert Adam Warner 

Pension Partner's Michael Gayed and See It Market's Andrew Nyquist

 with Pension Partner’s Michael Gayed

The Reformed Broker Downtown Josh Brown

 with The Reformed Broker, “Downtown” Josh Brown

See It Market's Andrew Nyquist and Minyanville's Peter Prudden

 with Minyanville contributor Peter Prudden

Minyanville's Todd Harrison

 with Minyanville chief Todd Harrison | Source: Minyanville Media via Soho Blues Gallery

See It Market's Andrew Nyquist

 with my rock, Jenny

Alex Salomon, Scott Redler, Michael Sedacca, Michael Comeau, Brandon Perry, Peter Prudden, and Andrew Nyquist

with See It Market’s Alex Salomon, T3’s Scott Redler, Minyanville’s Michael Sedacca and Michael Comeau, Portfolio Manager Brandon Perry, and Peter Prudden – ‘Hook em Horns’ 


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