Gold Futures Trading Update (August 21): Watch Support!

The Gold rally has been fast and furious.

Throughout the way, I have issued several trading “buy” signals, and a few short-term “sell” signals.

Yet all along, we have had a broader bullish view.

Currently, the shiny precious metal pulled back over 5 percent from its highs. And its reversal higher stalled out this week (creating a secondary high, for now).

Bulls want to see this week’s high taken out, while bears want another push lower that breaks support.

From a trading perspective, Gold is in no-man’s land and how each trader manages his/her trade will depend on entry point and position size.

More importantly, Gold bulls want to see the 1875-1895 support band hold… otherwise Gold could flush down to the next price support.

gold futures trading decline caution pullback indicators image august 21

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