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Amazon (AMZN) Continues To Crush Traditional Retail

Here are a couple of good examples of how changes in demographics and consumer trends can affect markets. We'll look at how Consumer banking and...
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Inside The Citi Surprise Index: Longest Period Of Negative Readings Ends

Citigroup’s Citi Surprise Index (CSI) is a real-time model, designed to analyze the accuracy of Wall Street’s economic forecasts. A positive index value indicates...
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Investing In Drones: The Space Is Green Yet Uncertain

U.S. lawmakers are in a rush to regulate drones. Odds are pretty good that regulations will be unduly harsh at first. A heavy-up on rules...
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US Soybeans Weekly Review: January Futures Hit 6 Year Lows

January soybean futures ended the week lower, closing down 7 ¾-cents per bushel on Friday afternoon finishing at $8.55 ¼. That close was within...
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Buy Low And Sell High: Investing Strategy Thoughts

The old adage about investing is that you should buy low and sell high. And that is sage advice. Heck, everyone wants to buy low...
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The Canaries Are Quiet: All Eyes On The Federal Reserve

The Canaries Are Quiet In the late summer months of 2015 the Federal Reserve were actively discussing the possibility of raising the Federal Funds rate...
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Corn Futures Test Lows On USDA November WASDE Report

Judging by the immediate and aggressive sell-off in corn futures on Wednesday, just shortly after 11:00 a.m. CST, it was fairly easy to assess...
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Will The Fed Raise Rates? What Fed Funds Futures Are Saying

Will the FED raise interest rates? I have no clue. Will the FED NOT raise interest rates? I have no clue. What do I know? I...

October Jobs Report Marks 61 Consecutive Months Of Gains

The October jobs report surprised nearly everyone, coming in at a very impressive 271,000 jobs created last month. Considering it was also the best...
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Gold Bulls Let Down Again In Precious Metals Latest Slide

For the last 2 or 3 years, Gold bulls have gotten their hopes up, only to be let down time and time again. In short,...

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