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10 Reasons Why Bear Markets Get The Best Of Bulls

Having a bullish mindset in a bear market is not profitable. And if bear markets have limited (or far off) long-term support, they can make...
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Federal Debt Likely To Keep Fed Tightening Cycle Shallow

Last week when the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) met, market participants were divided as to whether or not the Federal Reserve would raise...
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The Rotation Report: Charts And Setups For US Stocks

There has been a lot of noise made about various stock market sentiment statistics showing a rush out of stocks. Whether it be fund...
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US Weekly Corn Update: Ethanol Demand Weighs On Corn Futures

December corn futures closed this afternoon at $3.77 ¼, finishing down 9 ¾-cents week-on-week. It was a very disappointing week for Corn Bulls and...
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S&P 500 Triangle Pattern Gets At Market Selloff Psychology

Over the last couple of weeks many market folks have noticed the trend of higher lows against a flat ceiling on the S&P 500...
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Michael Lebowitz Interview: Data Not Supportive Of Fed Rate Hike

With the FOMC meeting concluding and an announcement set to come shortly, I thought it would be worthwhile to share a recent interview that I did...
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All Eyes On The Fed As Yield Curve Slips To New Lows

As all eyes turn to the Federal Reserve and the FOMC announcement on Thursday, the Treasury market may be deserving a greater focus. Many believe...
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Federal Reserve Meeting Here: Expect Market Volatility To Rise

This week I am going to do something a bit different for the weekly commentary. The main issue this week is whether or not...
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Inside The Market: 5 Stock Charts To Watch

As I reviewed several stock charts this weekend and pulled out the ones that seemed to offer good risk-reward on the long and short...

Apple Watch, Fitbit, And Fitness Tech: The Next Great Thing?

A recent survey by Wristly was aimed at under sting the way consumers use the Apple Watch. They wanted to know what features you were...

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