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Taking Stock of the Market: Will Dow Jones All Time Highs Change the Equation?

By Andrew Kassen     Hugo Chavez is dead. The late Venezuelan President’s body - lately succumbed to the ravages of cancer and a massive heart...

From Y2K to The Information Age

After turning the page on Y2K and all the dire technology warnings that accompanied it, we are beginning to realize that ticking the year...
government spending out of control

A Roadmap for Responsible Government Spending

By Max Moore I recently started reading Santayana’s Curse by Sean Corrigan (of Diapason Commodities). In a few words, the book recounts various monetary pursuits over...

Not So Far East: Consumer Driven Economy to Lift Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson Thank you for returning to Part 2 of our 3 part series on Southeast Asia. We spent most of Part 1 (“A Macro...
singapore marina in beautiful southeast asia

Not So Far East: A Macro Economic Look at Southeast Asia

By Jeff Wilson After a terrific article by Alex Salomon on the deep-seeded cultural and economic issues facing France, I would like to take you to...
french flag, french economy, euro, france, economic crisis, debt crisis

Francestein: The Next European Shoe to Drop

By Alex Salomon AFTER GREXIT & SPAIN COMES THE “FRANCESTEIN” FRENCH MONSTER Those who follow me on Twitter @Alex__Salomon know that I have been brewing an article...
china, japan, chinese, japanese, flags, relations, tensions, history, peace, war, summit

A Closer Look at Recent China-Japan Tensions: The Forest Behind the Trees

By Alex Salomon As a quick but obvious disclosure, I am far from knowing much, or anything, about China and Japan. Having traveled there and read...
hope, dreams, future, horizon, beauty, love, friendship

The Big Hope: An Invitation to Dream

By Alex Salomon This blog entry comes on the heels of a series of tweets from my account @Alex__Salomon. A friend (follower) suggested I should expand on it. The...
number 5, five, 5, abstract number

5 Thoughts: Portfolio Philosophy, the Human Condition, and a Farewell to Neil

By Alex Salomon The last week of the trading summer came and went and the full grind of things is about to get started again. In...
china map, chinese map, china country, chinese flag, china flag, china communism

Credit Crunch Hits China

By Jeff Voudrie Many retired wealth investors and those developing retirement income strategies believe that China will pull the world out of its economic slump. As...

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