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Gold Prices: Two Potential Paths Forward

Precious metals present a difficult trading scenario. While we believe they probably will reach for somewhat higher prices this summer, there is increasing risk...
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What’s Wrong With Gold (GLD)?

Back in March, I issued a long research report on the state of the Gold bear market. In that report, I shared how a...

Chart Of The Week: Gold Prices Nearing Key Support Zone

Gold prices continue to meander sideways. In fact, Gold has moved sideways for the better part of two years. For much of last year,...
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Dow Jones to Gold Ratio: Checking In On This Market Debate

Back in 2011 I shared that it looked like the tide for precious metals was going to turn and that they should be "flat to...
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Silver Price Targets For Current Corrective Wave Higher

Silver prices have gotten a boost lately so I think it's time to provide an update on what the charts are saying. But today...
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Gold Prices Higher: But Advance Likely To Be Volatile

With the US Dollar down nearly 7 percent from its highs, one would think Gold and Silver would be off to the races. Well,...
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Gold Miners ETF (GDX): Chart Says Rally May Be Brewing

The stock market has been hovering near all-time highs for months but hasn't been able to breakout. If the stock market doesn't get going...
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Why Silver Prices May Trade Higher In The Short-Term

The past several weeks have seen Silver prices consolidate in a wide range. This range indicates a still indecisive market for precious metals. However,...
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Why This Commodities Bust Could Test Investor Patience

Commodities continues to be a hot topic. And there are several reasons for this. Here are five that come to mind: Crude Oil continues to...
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Precious Metals Report Card: Silver Prices In The Spotlight

Precious metals have garnered a lot of attention lately, with both gold and silver taking the spotlight. In this post, we’ll dig into silver...

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