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The Rotation Report: Patience Leads To Market Opportunities

After Facebook (FB) reported earnings, 22 analysts raised price targets.  22!  That is a helluva clear sign the bull's boat is getting full. That...

Gold Oversold: Will Mini-Capitulation Lead To A Rally?

The SPDR Gold Trust Shares ETF (GLD) has stabilized over the past week. This might not sound like much, but could be very important as prior...
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Gold As A Safe Haven Through History

Estimating the value of gold through history is an inherently challenging pursuit. Nevertheless, Chartered Financial Analyst, Stephen D. Simpson has attempted to glean some...
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Stock Market Outlook: Weekly Reversal Leaves Technical Damage

What a difference a week makes. The market ended the previous week on a strong note. And the S&P 500 seemed poised to follow the Nasdaq...
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5 Charts That Show Why I’m Starting To Like Gold

It's been a crazy couple of weeks for Gold prices (and investors). As most are aware by now, the yellow metal has been out of...
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Gold’s Mini-Crash Leaves It Oversold, But Vulnerable

I've written a lot about the macro headwinds that face Gold. And even though I'm still neutral to bearish on the yellow metal over...
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Gold Prices: Two Potential Paths Forward

Precious metals present a difficult trading scenario. While we believe they probably will reach for somewhat higher prices this summer, there is increasing risk...
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What’s Wrong With Gold (GLD)?

Back in March, I issued a long research report on the state of the Gold bear market. In that report, I shared how a...

Chart Of The Week: Gold Prices Nearing Key Support Zone

Gold prices continue to meander sideways. In fact, Gold has moved sideways for the better part of two years. For much of last year,...
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Dow Jones to Gold Ratio: Checking In On This Market Debate

Back in 2011 I shared that it looked like the tide for precious metals was going to turn and that they should be "flat to...

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