xle energy sector etf breakout higher rally buy signal chart news may 6

Which Commodities Are the Safest Way to Combat Inflation?

Recently there has been a surge of articles pertaining to rising inflation as the Federal Government plans to add more debt with upcoming spending...
us dollar weakness correlation to commodities prices chart image news april 29

Commodity Bulls Riding High On US Dollar Weakness

A weaker US Dollar is a good thing for assets like commodities. So it shouldn't be any surprise that commodities have been very strong...
rising commodities prices image april 28 news _ corn sugar oil

Are Rising Commodities Causing Investors to Worry About Inflation?

This week, three of the major stock market indices (represented here as ETFs), including the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), Dow Jones Industrials (DIA), and the...
commodities index breakout price trend resistance analysis chart april 15

Commodity Prices Reach Rally Inflection Point!

Commodities have been the talk of the town over the past several months, with grains, energy, and metals reaching new multi-month highs over the...
dba etf agriculture commodities price trend reversal higher chart year 2021

Agriculture ETF (DBA) Pulling Back, But Broader Change of Trend Important

In the past several weeks, investors and consumers have weighed in on the prospects of inflation. Today we'll do the same, but focus on commodities....
euro currency reversal lower decline forecast concern march 24

Euro Currency Break-Down? Commodity Bulls Hope Not!

The recent rally in the Euro currency (EURUSD) has drawn the attention of forex traders, macro investors, and the commodities market. The latter has...
crude oil break out highs long term price resistance important chart _ march year 2021

Crude Oil Rally Testing BIG Breakout Level!

Commodities prices have rallied sharply higher into 2021, lead recently by energy and grains. Today, we focus in on one universally important commodity: Crude Oil. As...
stock market today analysis image

Stock Market Reversal Give Bulls Renewed Energy

The major stock market indices held key price support levels late last week leading to a reversal higher into week's end. Stock market bulls...
thomson reuters commodities index crb breakout price resistance test chart image march 2

CRB Commodities Index Testing Important Trend Line Resistance

The broad rally in commodities prices has been very strong, taking turns heating up various commodities along the way. That said, the broad commodities Index,...
december corn futures closing prices last 10 years trends chart

Corn Futures Up-Trend Is Your Friend Until…?

New-crop December Corn futures (CZ21) have been on a historic run early in the 2021 calendar year. CZ21 traded up to a day high of...

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