corn futures prices rising higher forecast chart

Corn and Wheat Prices Likely To Head Higher Yet

Looking at grocery bills and restaurant bills and it's obvious that food prices have risen dramatically (along side wages). Inflation has been around for several...
dbc commodities trading etf long term price chart elliott wave analysis

Is Commodities ETF $DBC Turning Back Down? (Elliott wave analysis)

Invesco is an investment management company that acquired the Power Shares Capital Management firm in 2004 so that to get access to the exchange-traded...
dba agriculture etf trading relative strength chart image september

Smart Investors Know the Importance of Inflation Protection

One of the most significant economic sectors on the planet is agriculture, which has been greatly affected by climate change and recent geopolitical events. When...
rising prices corn soybeans wheat inflation food warning year 2022 chart image

Grain Prices Suggest Inflation Is Far From Peaking

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items in U.S. City Average (CPIAUCSL) Jul 2022: 295.271, Aug 10, 2022 The chart above is the Consumer...
commodity index price peak bearish pattern sell signal chart july

Is The Rally In Commodities Prices Reversing Course?

The past several weeks have seen many commodities take a breather from their near vertical ascent. This is welcome news for many consumers that have...
sugar futures prices year 2022 trading chart analysis inflation

Sugar Futures Trading: Price Analysis and Historical Context

Some History First In 1972, supply shortfalls, rising demand, unrest in Pakistan, and the devaluation of the dollar all contributed to a large increase in...
commodities price top pattern double top warning chart

Are Commodities Reversing Lower After Historic Run?

We have covered the commodities rally and highlighted the everyday concerns with rising inflation and rising interest rates. Today, we'll revisit some long-term charts of...
invesco commodity etf dbc trading wedge pattern important to watch inflation chart image

Is The Commodities Bull Market Nearing Another Breakout Buy Signal?

Commodities have been one of the few winners in 2022. But with elevated commodity prices, consumers are now left with an ugly dose of...
dba agriculture fund etf trading breakout buy signal chart april 13

Why We Bought Invesco Agricultural Fund ETF (DBA)

Last Friday we bought the Invesco Agricultural fund based on a breakout from a consolidation area. With inflation continuing higher, we see food prices joining...
dbc commodity index etf trading wedge formation chart

Commodities ETF Forms Wedge Pattern, Big Move Coming?

Commodities came into March like a lion and went out like a lamb. Even so, the price of several commodities remains elevated and pressuring an...

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