commodities corn sugar rally strength prices chart october

Which Commodities Are Countering the Markets?  

While the major stock indices continue to weaken, U.S factories have seen a 1.2% increase in orders in August.  This shows that although equities are...
australian dollar aussie currency reversal lower bearish commodities signal analysis image august

Australian Dollar Decline A Bearish Sign For Commodities

When the Australian Dollar "moves", so do commodities. And this time the Australian Dollar "aussie" could be sending a bearish message to commodities. Today's chart...
commodities index etf dbc breakout higher buy signal chart august 2 2021

Commodities Attempting To Breakout Above 6-Year Price Resistance!

I have written a lot about select commodities and the potential for breakouts across the commodities industry. Recently, I have highlighted key inflection points for...
cattle futures prices rising sharply food inflation worries beef economic image

Cattle Futures Price Pattern Warns Of Food Inflation!

As inflation concerns remain in the headlines, today we look at the potential of food inflation by looking at cattle futures prices (i.e. beef). Earlier...
coffee futures higher price target 225 investing research chart news image

Coffee Futures Breakout Points To $225 Price Target!

The monster rally that unfolded across the commodities spectrum post-COVID crash lows, carried everything from precious metals to energy to lumber to agriculture price...
agricultural tech stocks trading bullish buy signals image july 13 news

Is it Time to Watch the Agricultural Tech Trend?

Supply chain issues have become a common term heard throughout 2021 now that companies are struggling to bring back pre-pandemic supply levels. With that...
us dollar index technical support long term important chart investing news july 2021

Commodities Strength Depends On U.S. Dollar’s Next Move

Inflation pressures are increasing as the economy tries to digest a prolonged period of higher commodity prices. While select commodities have pulled back (and this...
dba agriculture etf prices rising inflation indicator chart july 8 investing news

Practical Ways to Live Through Inflationary Times

Whether we head into hyperinflation, stagflation, or recession, it is always good to be prepared for more of the same: rising commodity prices, low...
commodities rising prices inflation forecast signal chart investing news summer

Commodities Price Index Overheating At Important Resistance!

Rewind to March 2020 and things weren't looking so good for commodities. COVID-19 was in the news and several assets were trading sharply lower. Then...
us dollar index breakout higher rally strength investing news chart image week june 18

US Dollar Breakout Could Cool Off Commodities Prices

Rising commodities prices have been all over the news for several months. The rally has been broad-based and persistent. So what could possibly derail the...

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