Alex Salomon

Alex Salomon
Alex Salomon is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for RFID and NFC. He has been investing for 13 years and enjoys all things related to the financial markets. His trading style is agnostic: Doesn’t believe, adapts — trades longs and shorts. Alex shamelessly mixes technical analysis and fundamental reading, while keenly devouring domestic and international news. Alex has lived in 16 countries and traveled to over 80. He currently lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands with his wife and is the founder of Evidencia (now a consultant to); Evidencia is a small business with international reach that specializes in NFC, RFID, and blue tooth solutions for temperature monitoring. Alex would like to thank Andrew Nyquist for his selfless work, Nicolas Darvas’s writings, Eric Wish, Todd Harrison’s Buzz & Banter, Scott Redler, and Quint Tatro whose generosity has made him a better trader.

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