Top Trading Links: President Trump, Brexit, And Life Lessons

It was a big week for stock market bulls, as the S&P 500 Index jumped 2.3% in the last full week of trading in May.  Was that the last hurrah for the bulls? Will “Sell in May” work this year?

With the June Fed meeting on tap and the Brexit vote coming up, things could get interesting. But until we actually see a decisive breakout (or breakdown) in the price action, we’ll just have to build our individual cases for stocks and the market.

It’s an interesting time to be trading and investing in the markets. Current monetary policy and this years’ presidential election should be enough to convince you of that. The election hoopla has been pretty crazy, as both Trump and Clinton come with plenty of “noise”. The coming weeks may require seat belts (in either market direction).

We cannot take anything for granted.  This week’s “Top Trading Links” offers some spectacular holiday reading.  Dig in!



Wave Theory suggests U.S. stocks are in wave 4John Murphy

The conditions you’d want are already hereJosh Brown

Option Traders continue their unusual hedging Dana Lyons

The Volatility market is showing signs of complacencyAndrew Thrasher

Investing in a president Trump AmericaFly

The Pound Sterling is shining into the Brexit vote Greg Harmon

pound sterling currency cross chart bullish pattern_brexit vote_june

Howard Marks’ latest memo: Economic Reality

U.S. GDP growth is expected to rebound in Q2The Capital Spectator

Is it time to start buying dips in the U.S. Dollar Index?James Bartelloni



Slowing the aging process might be easier than curing cancerJon Markman

A computerized trading firm has overtaken Deutsche Bank in European currency trading market share – Bloomberg

Byron Wien’s life lessons:

life lessons_byron wien

Amazon Shoppers seek products, not brandsL2 Inc

The advantage of being overconfident and self deludedPsyblog

Eager to be wrongFarnham Street

Why U.S. Nukes controlled by ancient computers are actually a good thingPaul Szoldra


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