Top Trading Links: Market “Noise” Ratchets Higher

Stocks continued to grind sideways to higher throughout the week. This action was to the chagrin of market bears who are likely feeling the grind.

Statistic of the Week:  The S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) has risen just 0.5% in two weeks.

Market bulls see this as a net positive, as excess is worked off through time rather than price. And market bears are likely feeling the burn of time as a meaningful pullback couldn’t come soon enough.

Either way, the tension on the tape is real and both bulls and bears are ratcheting up the noise.

Caution is advised though, as this sort of noise can make investors chase, second guess, and capitulate. Stick to your process and follow price.

Enjoy this week’s reads, as we highlight some of the best investing research. Top Trading Links is on!



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“My favorite lesson that Bob Zoellner taught me is that when the stress gets so great that you think you might vomit, you should probably double your position, but only if you are then willing to use a tight stop loss on the entire position.” – Marty Schwartz

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Ten things hard about tradingSteve Burns



What to do when you’ve made a bad decisionHarvard Business Review

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Introspection The book of life

Tesla autopilot drives impaired man to the hospital, saves his lifeBig Think

Hillary Clinton’s cattle futures windfallNational Review


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