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US Dollar Chart Pattern: CounterTrend Move Imminent

The US Dollar Index has made a big move higher since mid 2014. The world’s financial landscape is changing, and several markets, including the Forex, are in flux. How this shakes out longer-term is another story, but over the near term the US Dollar chart pattern may be setting up for a countertrend move. My particular skill set is finding PATTERNS that repeat based on musical math and then take a

Top Trading Links: Studies, Strategies, and Understanding Yourself

The global financial landscape is ever-changing. And each year new themes and trading setups emerge. But taking advantage of these opportunities in depends on your ability to see the setups and develop trading strategies that conform to your skills set. Here are some awesome reads from around the web. Hope you enjoy this weeks Top Trading Links. Market Insights @PeterLBrandt digs into the numerous major patterns in global market indices.

Silver Prices Nearing Major Technical Resistance Into $19

Silver prices have enjoyed a nice rally in the early going of 2015, reaching up as high as $18.50 per ounce. The recent thrust higher likely has to do with European concerns and tension around the Swiss National Bank situation and the ECB bond buying program, but either way, price has moved higher. It’s also worth noting that the rally has landed silver right in thick of heavy price resistance.

5 Ways For Traders To Overcome Performance Anxiety

There are many causes for performance anxiety which can leave a new trader with too much fear to trade with focus. And this fear often sends them out of the markets with the 90 percent that did not make it. This fear can arise from past losses that were so big and traumatizing that a trader can’t bear the potential of repeating a mistake like that with all the emotions tied to

Will Germany Help Lead International Markets Higher?

With the start of 2015 we have begun to see movement in international markets after the focus has been squarely on U.S. equities over the last two years. After the first few weeks of January, international markets have put in a stint of outperformance relative to U.S. indices. When this begins to happen I like to find some of the stronger markets among the international group. To do this we

Moody’s Stock (MCO) In Consolidation: What I’m Watching

Although my main trading focus is on futures, I will from time to time take a closer look at an equity if something catches my attention. Recently while reading an article I stumbled upon Moody’s Corporation (MCO). After doing some homework and applying my own Fibonacci drawings, I saw Moody’s stock as a potential long setup that is in a consolidation phase. BUT as with any trading setup, we need to

Yahoo Stock Pullback: YHOO Price Targets To Watch

After a long bout of trading sideways, Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) appears to have broken from our targeted PATTERN to the downside. Note that I have covered this Yahoo sell pattern for some time (read more here) and would like to provide an update with some YHOO price targets in this post. Per the chart below, the previous high into Jan 2006 ($43.79) will be key to enacting the polarity principle where former

Today’s FX Pairs Spotlight: Follow That Dollar!

Traders, half the battle is choosing the best technical set-ups and FX pairs poised to move the most for the move you are expecting. But the technical picture alone is not enough. Even the best technical set-ups can often times not react very well when the move you are forecasting gets underway. While no method is foolproof this simple analysis technique can save you a lot of frustration. If you

Top Trading Links: Navigating The Market Volatility

The focus for this week’s “Top Trading Links” is the changing market landscape and improving our trade craft. A different market environment has developed and navigating our trades (and setups) has become more difficult by the week. Hopefully a few of these reads can help guide us through the influx of market volatility that has emerged. Market Insights @kimblecharting notes how the recent signals in copper and crude oil suggest a

S&P 500 Opens Lower: Where Will Buyers Show Up?

The S&P 500 opened the week lower, as futures reversed course into the cash session. But if the current Elliott Wave count that I have is correct, the selling should abate into the 2000-2023 support area on the S&P 500. Generally speaking, there is a likely long set-up for traders who are patient. First and foremost, let’s see how the noted support level at reacts to prices. If we see a positive reaction,