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Is Alibaba Stock (BABA) Ready For Its Next Move?

Alibaba (BABA) impressed most market participants with its strong IPO pop, but then declined into the low $80’s. A nearly 50 percent rise then took place from mid-October to the November peak at $120. Many were expecting some kind of pullback in Alibaba shares, and that indeed took place through the balance of November and into December, bottoming at $101.20 just a few days ago. As you can see in

Did Tuesday Provide A Bullish Signal For Stocks?

Major indexes find themselves at a critical juncture. On one hand, longer-term patterns are clearly bullish, the October recovery was such a statistical outlier that it probably reflects tremendous buying support in the market, and we have a (much weaker than is usually assumed) bullish seasonal tendency for the remainder of this month. On the other hand, macro news does not appear to be constructive, and, more troubling, European and

Is Cisco Stock (CSCO) Worth Buying On A Pullback?

Cisco … an amazing company with amazing technology! Unlike most of my posts where I have no earthly idea of the fundamentals involved in the daily running of the company, I do have a clue of the importance and powerful technology that they bring to the table. All that being said, it’s still just a chart. Folks, there is so much AMAZING stuff going on with the chart of Cisco

Forex Trading Analysis: US Dollar Pairs In Focus

Here’s a quick update on the Forex trading environment. The price action in the dollar based pairs suggests that some further consolidation/corrective action is underway. I think this will present us with trading opportunities in USD/JPY, USD/SGD (longs) as well as shorts in EUR/GBP Note:  the Intra-Day FX Forecast highlights price direction and likely price targets/stops designed for traders looking at Forex trading opportunities over the next several hours. These are not

Is The Euro Setting Up For A Long Awaited Rally?

As you are probably well aware – trading isn’t hard, it’s just not easy! Over the past weeks we’ve posted twice looking for a counter trend rally in the EURO vs USD: Euro: Did Time & Price Square Out Call A Bottom? Traders: Did The Euro Just Bottom? Did a bounce occur at the levels we were looking at? Yes. Was it a meaningful bounce? Yes and No. Yes: levels

Yahoo (YHOO) Topping Pattern Still In Play

A couple weeks back we discussed Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO – Quote) and the topping PATTERN that we saw emerging.  That PATTERN has been hit and while the primary target area was 48-50, the pattern remains valid. I’d like to provide a quick update on this sell pattern and how it may play out (including fail). We’ll need to watch this one closely, as YHOO is in the zone. Please see the charts

Amazon Stock (AMZN) At Critical Time And Price Juncture

With Cyber Monday coming up, it’s a pretty huge time of the year for Amazon (AMZN – Quote). Interestingly, it’s also an important point in time for Amazon stock price. The coming weeks will likely determine the next big move in Amazon shares. Let’s dig in. Since Amazon’s negative earnings reaction, the stock has been a beast, rising as much as 19% off the $284 low. The $340 area has been

Ford Stock (F) Nearing 2 Important Price Levels

Perhaps Ford (F – Quote) investors were biding their time for the launch of the new aluminum body F-150. Or perhaps this is just an oversold bounce? Time will tell. Last month, with the stock trading at $13.78, I wrote a post highlighting how oversold Ford stock price was and why investors should have it on their watch list. Here’s an excerpt from that post: So what makes this an interesting setup? Well, a

Chipotle Stock: Will Elliott Wave Pattern Slow CMG?

The story of Chipotle (CMG – Quote) is amazing… yes, they only make burrito’s but Chipotle stock is at $657/share AND it’s the story of the American Dream. We’ll get to that high share price in a minute, but first let’s celebrate Chipotle’s background (from Wikipedia): “…Founder Steve Ells, attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Afterward, he became a line cook for Jeremiah at Stars in San Francisco.[16] There, Ells observed the popularity of