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Zillow Stock (Z): Rally Brings It Back From The Brink

This past Tuesday, Zillow (Z) lowered its outlook for 2015 and its CEO said it was going to be a “transition year”. Zillow also said that a longer than expected acquisition of Trulia was weighing on its outlook. As expected, Zillow stock was hammered on Tuesday morning, dropping over 10 percent (as low as 81.07) after the open, before recovering to close down just 1.4 percent. Today the stock closed at 96.53 (19 percent above those Tuesday

Netflix Earnings Trigger Big Breakout For Stock Price

For much of the past year, Netflix (NFLX) stock has traded sideways in a wide range (150 points!). The size of that range probably made it difficult for longer term investors to hold on, but those who did were rewarded by Netflix earnings report last night. It wasn’t so much then earnings and revenue that wowed investors, as Netflix earnings report was mostly in-line with analyst expectations (they reported 0.77

Is The Energy Sector ETF (XLE) Ready To Breakout?

One of the hottest topics in the market today is the energy sector and Crude Oil. And today the Energy Sector ETF (XLE) is nearing a breakout. Below is a weekly chart of the Energy Sector ETF with the 50-week Moving Average and the trend line support going back to 2010. Key takeaways: Trend support has become resistance and price is approaching this previously key trend line. Momentum has already

Intel Earnings Strong, But Stock Has Work To Do

After the closing bell, we were greeted with another slew of earnings reports to sift through. One after hours mover that caught my eye was Intel (INTC). The Intel earnings report was applauded with a 3 percent rise in after hours trading. By the numbers: Intel earnings came in at $0.41 on $12.78 Billion in revenue. The consensus was $0.40 on $12.83 Billion in revenue. So what’s the big deal? Well, as

Are Consumer Stocks Ready To Roll? …Or Roll Over?

After a period of sideways price action, active investors are hoping that earnings season provides some clarity. Yesterday, I wrote a post about the importance of this week’s bank earnings and how the financial sector is an importance gauge of market health. Today, I’ll look at the consumer and highlight why consumer stocks are also at important juncture. Investors received a bit of a surprise in the April Jobs Report, as the employment numbers came

5 Travel Stocks Set To Benefit From Strong Seasonality

Spring is upon us and vacation season is right around the corner. More importantly, the conditions for a strong U.S. travel season are present. And this could benefit several travel stocks. In this post, we’ll preview four travel stocks with solid setups. First, let’s look at the fundamental backdrop heading into springtime. Points of interest: A strong dollar encourages US citizens to travel abroad. On the flip side tourism to

Brazil ETF (EWZ) Overbought: Can It Hold Above 50 Day MA?

After rebounding convincingly from the 30 level, the iShares Brazil ETF (EWZ) is overbought for the first time this year. Over the past 9+ months, the combination of a drop from overbought territory (on the RSI) and a short-term peak in the Rate of Change (ROC) has proven to be a favorable place to get short or tighten stops on existing long positions. What would make me think this EWZ rally

Top Trading Links: Super Sized Research For Active Investors

It’s become clear that the global easing environment has reached the next stage as major investors in the east are now panicking about not having ‘high enough returns’. Investor behavior is also getting kind of nutty in China. On top of that, bond markets have become illiquid and Switzerland issued 10 year bonds with a negative yield. Phew! The world must be ending. All of that said, breadth in the U.S.

Technology Sector Checkup: 4 ETFs To Put On Your Radar

Today I want to take a quick look at four key Technology ETFs to get a feel for the health of Technology sector as a whole heading into the second quarter. The first group I want to look at is the Semiconductors… via the Philadelphia Semiconductors Index (SOX). The SOX is a heavily followed index that can be traded via its ETF under ticker symbol SOXX. Note that the SOX

Is MercadoLibre Stock (MELI) Setting Up For A Run Higher?

Shares of MercadoLibre (MELI) have based very well over the past year and a half. And this period of basing/consolidation could setup MercadoLibre stock for another run higher. What makes convinces me of that? And why do I like it here? Here are a few reasons: First, consider the damage done to markets in South America. After a deeper (and overdue) correction, MercadoLibre stock has held up nicely.   Note