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Alex Salomon is an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for RFID and NFC. He has been investing for 13 years and enjoys all things related to the financial markets. His trading style is agnostic: Doesn’t believe, adapts — trades longs and shorts. Alex shamelessly mixes technical analysis and fundamental reading, while keenly devouring domestic and international news. Alex has lived in 16 countries and traveled to over 80. He currently lives in St. John, US Virgin Islands with his wife and is the founder of Evidencia (now a consultant to); Evidencia is a small business with international reach that specializes in NFC, RFID, and blue tooth solutions for temperature monitoring. Alex would like to thank Andrew Nyquist for his selfless work, Nicolas Darvas’s writings, Eric Wish, Todd Harrison’s Buzz & Banter, Scott Redler, and Quint Tatro whose generosity has made him a better trader.
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Real Life Trading Lessons: Rules vs Conviction

I have tried to share real life trading lessons in previous columns, and this week’s entire Ukraine-Crimea-Russia quick roller-coaster provided for another entry in my series: When and how do you trade Conviction vs. Rules? More or less, this would qualify as one of those trading lessons on discipline. You can find some of my prior columns here: Insights Into a Rough Month of Trading: Like a Botched Football Game

All Alone: A Generational Shift In US Diplomacy

In the very early ‘90s, with the fall of the Soviet Empire, US diplomacy edged toward proactive, as the United States became the de facto policeman of the world. An unwilling policeman at first, the US turned almost crusader by the end of the Bush administration. After lasting nearly a generation, I believe we are about to witness a full reversal and an end to that era. Furthermore, a century ago, the

Interview With Abnormal Returns Founder Tadas Viskanta

In line with our goal to offer up interviews and conversations with the highest quality niche players in the financial community, we are proud (and excited) to share our latest exclusive interview with Tadas Viskanta, Founder and Editor of Abnormal Returns. A pillar in curation, Tadas’ website is a financial blog that collects and curates thousands of worthy and timely articles. In short, it is a filter of the best

Interview With Estimize Founder Leigh Drogen

For the past 12 months, I have been part of Estimize, a community of 13,000+ professional and non-professional equity analysts who are contributing their earnings estimates to this open platform. I have used Estimize to quickly scan through companies’ earnings and been able to leverage their tools for sizable gains in the stock market. A couple of weeks ago, Estimize reached a significant milestone (let’s call it a pretty big

Brixit: What a British Exit from the EU Looks Like

By Alex Salomon     Are you familiar with Brixit? Not yet? It might become the next catchy buzzword for yet another European Union drama. Brixit, “British Exit.” After the established Grexit and $Pain and PIIGS and my own “Francestein”, Brixit could be the nth shoe to drop on the European dream… or nightmare, depending on how one looks at it. As I like to do, let me write my conclusion first:

Cyprus Bailout News: A Contrarian’s Contrarian View

By Alex Salomon     Since Saturday morning early tweets, then blogs, then news reports on the Cyprus bailout, lots has been written. Early on, I was philosophically undecided, financially happy. Let’s be candid: very early on, by noon on Saturday, I didn’t care either way about Cypriot deposits, about the bailout, about the decision. I was reading all the initial reactions, mostly all up in arms, and many focused on the

An Introduction to 3D Printing Stocks

By Alex Salomon As some of you may be aware, I have been trading (and even investing in my retirement plan) in 3D printing stocks for a while. Most of the stocks in the 3D universe are currently acting as “mo-mo” stocks, so it has been easy to show good performance. So naturally, when I told @andrewnyquist that I was going for a quick visit to the 2013 “Solidworks Show,” I was all excited

Trading Ideas for the Week of January 7

By Alex Salomon Happy New Year to everyone!! It’s that time of the year when energy is flowing, so let’s take a look at some charts that appeal to me and offer up some ideas. Not advice, just sharing some trading ideas! (AMZN) The appeal is a break out above the multiple tops. When it happens (call it > $263) then the chart eventually opens up to $290. Just like

Putting a Price Tag on Apple (AAPL)

By Alex Salomon In the finale of my 3 part series on Apple’s (AAPL) upcoming earnings report, I’d like to dig into the numbers and offer some analytical ideas (and even opinions!) on where AAPL stock price may be heading into their 1Q earnings report (January 23, 2013) and into month’s end. Yes, finally some AAPL price targets! A quick note of thanks to fellow SIM contributor Jeff Wilson for his