U.S. Stock Market Indices Weighed Down By Economic Indicators

s&p 500 index trading price resistance sell signal decline chart june 8

The major U.S. stock market indices are trading up into selling zones and remain in their dominant longer-term downtrends until proven otherwise. 

I recently put out a sell signal (short) on the long-dated treasury bond etf (TLT) and highlighted that this trade could see TLT fall another 15% or so.

The 10-year treasury bond yield is about to break above our MFU-3 target of 3.03, which will then open the upside to our long-term target of 4.29. Yikes!

Also, the U.S. Dollar trading pattern is long-term bullish. The setup right here looks great for a long position for those interested. This is one of our top picks in the global macro alpha capture portfolio I run.

Some energy stocks are still quite bullish with great technical patterns. WTI Crude Oil remains in a firm uptrend.  We remain confident that our MFU-5 price target of $127 is in play.

I also created an equal-weighted index of AAPL, AMZN, FB, NFLX, and GOOG. This index has been in a strong downtrend and recently was down –40% from the 2021 high. Our Money Flow Unit analysis has a downside price target that is much lower from here.

Below is a look at the Nasdaq 100 Index:

nasdaq 100 trading price resistance sell signal decline chart june

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