Top Trading Links: Is A Market Top Forming?

investor at stock market topWhat an ugly market week for the markets. Momentum took a hit again, prompting more concerns about a developing market top.

There’s not much we can do other than buckle down, tighten our discipline, and stay the course with our research!

Hopefully you will enjoy this beefed up version of Top Trading Links. We’ve expanded our net and brought in a lot of great research and trading ideas.

Major market Top?

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Also: @awealthofcs offers up a performance comparison between the current biotech rally and the tech bubble.


Market Insights

  • Howard Marks’ latest investor letter is out. “Liquidity can be transient and paradoxical. It’s plentiful when you don’t care about it and scarce when you need it most.”



  • Vice signed a deal to do a nightly news show on HBO. It’ll also be on HBO’s upcoming streaming service HBO GO. Vice’s reporting is fantastic and this deal firmly plants their stake as the leading news service of the next generation.

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