Stock Market Trading Update (November 30): Playing Both Sides

Stock market futures are attempting to hold higher lows and keep the relief bounce alive.

At the same time, over the short-term, stocks are consolidating the initial pop of the bounce.

S&P 500 futures initially tried to breach resistance yesterday but were rejected – this could be a warning that buying pressure may fade. The setup for stocks today is weakly bullish with 2722 being an important initial support level to hold.

Again, we are fading into this support and perhaps deeper supports.

Just a reminder that this is the last day of the month and things can get a bit choppy here.

We can still trade both sides of this, but with caution. Watch the video below for details on the trading setups for S&P 500 futures, Nasdaq futures, Dow futures, and Crude Oil.

Stock Market Futures Video Update – November 30, 2018


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