Stock Market Bulls Hope Airlines Bounce Back In December

News of the omicron variant has hit the stock market like an arctic breeze. And the already struggling airlines industry has taken another turn lower in November.

Will December be better to airlines stocks?

Stock Market bulls hope sure hope so. Cause if it doesn’t, it will likely mean more restrictions, slower business / travel, and perhaps another turn lower in the economy.

As you will see in the charts below, the Amex Airlines Index (XAL) is down 20% from its November high (yikes!) and down nearly 35% from its March high. Let’s review the charts.

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$XAL Airlines Index “daily” Chart

The daily chart of XAL highlights the months long selloff… as well as the short-term selloffs over the past couple of months. The selling begun prior to news of the omicron variant so perhaps lingering uncertainty helped to price some of this in.

In any event, bulls need to step up soon or else the poor price action will like turn a so-so holiday travel schedule into a worse-than-expected one (and have deeper effects on the economy).

amex airlines index selloff decline omicron variant investing news chart

$XAL Airlines Index “monthly” Chart

The monthly chart highlights the multi-month bear market. The price action has remained within a “relatively” controlled descending channel. That said, November’s price candle is LONG and RED. So bulls will need to step up and produce a better December or things could get ugly.

xal amex airline index long term chart price consolidation year 2021

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