SPDR Gold ETF (GLD) Hits Key Fibonacci Price Support

Spot Gold prices and the SPDR Gold Shares Fund (NYSEARCA:GLD) have been hit very hard in the post-election day trade. This trade has also coincided with a rising dollar and equities – 2 potential headwinds for Gold.

But U.S. equities and the greenback have risen sharply in recent weeks and may be in line for a pit stop.  That would likely help to slow (or even provide support for) falling Gold prices.

But perhaps the the biggest support for falling gold prices right now is a key technical support level. When looking at the Gold ETF (GLD) chart below, you can see how important Fibonacci levels have been… and the current gold fibonacci support level is a big one.

Here’s a review of the chart below.

  • The SPDR Gold Shares Fund (GLD) rallied over 30% off of its 6-year low of last December into its July top at 131.
  • It has pulled back since then, getting hit particularly hard in the post-election “Trump Trade” as it dropped nearly 10% in just the last few weeks.
  • After breaking most trendlines, key moving averages and other such potential support, GLD is now nearing a 61.8% Gold Fibonacci Support (retracement) of its December-July rally. This may be the gold bugs’ last best chance to halt the decline.



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