S&P 500: More Rally Ahead? Watch This Level

Andrew Nyquist

chart analysisThis is the question.  Is there more rally ahead for stocks over the near-term?  As a technical analyst, I prefer to follow price. So let’s see what investors are looking at today and in the days ahead.

The bounce from 1900 wasn’t entirely unexpected; myself and other technicians had been eyeing that level for several days leading up to the overnight puncture of 1900 on the e-mini futures heading into Friday, August 8th. Back on August 7th, I highlighted the setup again in two notes:

$SPX – S&P 500 nearing 30 RSI. On bar 9 for daily setup. Feels heavy, but bounce may be near… http://stks.co/g0v02

— Andrew Nyquist (@andrewnyquist) Aug. 7 at 02:20 PM

$SPX – Would like to see a heavy compression close, perhaps with a puncture of 1900 to set up a bounce.

— Andrew Nyquist (@andrewnyquist) Aug. 7 at 02:22 PM

But that is only the half of it. Just a level for traders. So what will it take to push to new highs again.  Well breaking 1944 on then S&P 500 was key to today’s move higher (thus far).  A measured move would target 1965/70.  This is also the open gap from the July 31st plunge. So, this is a level that the bulls need to take out to have a shot at new highs.

So what level would I be eyeing if we take out 1970?  Well, first would be the old highs… but beyond that would be 2032 (Fib extension). I’ve been eyeing this for some time (Note that I mentioned this target in May in my Mapping The S&P 500 post  (and again in June).

S&P 500 Daily Chart

spx techncial analysis august 14 2014

BUT, the market is getting long in the tooth and fall seems ripe for some sort of a correction (either now if 1970 fails), or later after we reach up to new highs.  So it’s probably good to keep your time frames in perspective.

Trade safe, trade disciplined.

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