Is The S&P 500 Nearing A Major Elliott Wave Top?

There could be trouble on the horizon for the equities markets… if this Elliott wave pattern is correct.

Below looks at a long-term chart  of the S&P 500 Index (INDEXSP:.INX) from 1957 to present, pointing out Elliott wave counts.

This is a textbook 5 wave structure that looks like an S&P 500 Elliott wave top is nearing.

Using closing prices with the last data point coming on July 26, the following “wave” relationships are found:

1.  Wave 1 (1.08) = Wave 5 (1.01)

2.  Wave 3 = 2.83x Wave 1 and Wave 5 (2.618 is perfection)

3.  Wave 2 is sharp and quick while Wave 4 is a-b-c pattern and 4x the duration of Wave 2.

4.  Within Wave 4, a (-0.51) = b (0.51) = c (-0.49)

5.  Wave 5 is a diagonal triangle (as indicated by dotted lines).

Also note that 5th wave extensions, truncated 5ths and diagonal triangles all imply the same thing:  A DRAMATIC REVERSAL AHEAD.

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S&P 500 Long-Term Chart with Elliott wave overlay


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