S&P 500 Index Hits Initial Bear Market Rally Target

Guy Cerundolo
s&p 500 index bear market rally higher price targets to sell into march 27 chart

S&P 500 Index Bear Market Rally Targets (Notes on chart written last night, March 26)

I am able to calculate a “tight” Money Flow Unit (MFU) off the recent S&P 500 Index low with an initial target at our MFU-4 trading target of 2635.

That level was hit yesterday and considering the sharpness of this bear market rally, we need to be alert for selling / a pullback.

In fast moving markets, countertrend rallies tend to be 3 days or less.

Our MFU-5 trading target is at 2746 should that market decide to head higher yet.

The S&P 500 closed at the MFU-4 target and is just under the .382% retracement level. The first area to look for a potential turn is at Thursday’s highs.

We will find out a lot about market structure when we test the recent low.

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