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dance party, gala, ball, ballroom, dance, inflationTrick or Treat?  Or should I say, Party On!  With each passing day, silver’s run looks and feels more and more like the Y2K Tech Bubble.  And the crowd singing the tune, “it’s different this time” seemingly gets louder… and Silver goes higher.  Don’t believe me, check out the charts below.

I’ve written about Silver’s rise and its relationship to the dollar here and here.   But, with prices overheating, all bets are off on how to play this red-hot metal – probably best to just sit back and watch.  Parabolic moves don’t end when everyone wants them to.  They end when the guy with the sunglasses on smiles and says, “All In.”

And, if it truly is different this time, then riddle me this:  What are the near term implications for the dollar, and, as a byproduct, how would this affect the American way of life and standard of living?


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