Ryan Detrick: Interview On StockTwits TheMustFollowPodcast

I had the pleasure of being the latest guest on #TheMustFollowPodcast with Sean McLaughlin of StockTwits. I had a blast and we talked about a lot of good info.

Take a listen below and I hope you enjoy it.  Here is how Sean described it:

Ryan Detrick sits on a three-legged stool when analyzing markets. The legs supporting nearly every decision he makes are:

  • Technicals
  • Sentiment
  • Statistics

When all three legs are firmly supporting an idea that he has, that’s when he knows he’s on to something.

“Just one data point is not a reason by itself to do anything.” ~ @RyanDetrick

Few people in the StockTwits community crunch numbers and hunt down arcane but insanely useful data points than Ryan Detrick. You can count on him to amaze you and make you scratch your head upon discovery of a statistic that either complete destroys a trade idea you had, or makes you stand up and take notice and spurs you on to newer, better ideas.

In this episode of The Must Follow podcast, we discuss the wellspring of Ryan’s passion for numbers and statistics, the life of a Market Strategist, how to break into a career of market analysis, and America’s best (worst) college football team. Lots to chew on here, take a listen.


Twitter: @RyanDetrick

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